If you think you may have a potentially life-threatening emergency medical condition, do not go to an urgent care center or walk-in clinic. Call 911 or go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency department.

Primary CareAverage Cost $175

Average Cost


If you need preventative, routine, or non-urgent care during regular business hours, we always recommend you choose your Primary are Provider. Same day walk-ins are available – please call.

• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• High cholesterol
• Thyroid disorders
• Congestive heart failure
• Asthma
• Arthritis
• Atrial fibrillation
• Depression and anxiety
• Respiratory illness
• Cough/Colds
• Sore throats
• Annual wellness examination
• Bladder infections
• Sexually transmitted illness
• Vaccines
• Rashes and skin diseases
• Minor injuries

Urgent CareAverage Cost $175

Average Cost


If you require attention outside of your primary care provider’s business hours, or have any other non-life threatening illness or injury, you may choose Urgent Care, Example of common urgent care complaints include:

• Covid, flu and colds
• Ear infections
• Sore throats
• Sprains & strains
• Fractures
• Cuts requiring stitches
• Sexually transmitted illness
• Skin rashes & infections
• Finger and toe dislocation
• IV therapy for nausea or vomiting
• Dehydration therapy
• Migraine therapy
• Workplace injuries
• Animal bites
• Pink eye
• Foreign body removal
• Sinus complaints
• Urinary infections

Emergency Dept.Average Cost $175

Average Cost


If you believe you have a life-threatening illness, injury, or condition you should call 911 or go to your nearest ER. Examples of emergent conditions may include:

Chest pain
• Difficulty breathing
• Bleeding that won’t stop
• Confusion
• Unusual behavior
• Vision changes or loss
• Deformed bones and joints
• Loss of consciousness
• Seizures
• Poisoning
• Drug overdose
• Suicidal intentions
• Neck and spine injury
• Electric shock
• Coughing up blood
• Severe abdominal pain
• Stroke symptoms
Head injury with loss of consciousness
• Fall from more than 6 feet